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The recuperation of wages and the reform of unemployment

Think Tank Civismo
18 de septiembre de 2017

The debate over the salaries is encompassed by a larger and more general issue regarding a productive model for the Spanish economy and the quality of employment.

Are we a country of waiters? What type of jobs are being created? Do we have talented laborers or rather do we export them while our own model depends on tourism and construction? This debate, central to Spain, can have positive results for enterprises and the autonomous (self-employed) within determined premises which would assist in keeping track of the elevated number of creations of the false autonomous.

The debate is also an accurate depiction of the political ambience, encompassed once again by the concept of inequality. It seems that the recurring context of arguments against large businesses is brandished by the personification of “the rich”. “The rich constantly get richer while wages continue to be rockbottom”.

Thus, the concept of inequality will persist as dominating a large part of the public and political agenda, with the focus on one of the more controversial issues: salary. Within this debate two fundamental ideas are protagonist: on one hand, the necessity to raise salaries, of which we will submit a question to examine what has occurred in the last years labor market adjustment. And on the other hand, a reflection regarding what reform is necessarily required from the system of unemployment to allow for a smooth transition of reincorporation of the unemployed to the job market.

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