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"Cuando perdemos el derecho a ser diferentes, perdemos el privilegio de ser libres", Charles Evans Hughes.

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Publications in English

  • Spanish flu: Pedro Sanchez's malignant economic policy threatens Spain's recovery

    Josh Moss

    16 de agosto de 2018

    Having recovered from the recession that was brought about by the financial crisis, Spain’s economy is improving, but vulnerable. With the advent of Pedro Sanchez’s interventionist policies, it is likely that economic growth will take a siesta...

  • Central bankers are like ‘pyromaniac firefighters’ and they are lighting another blaze

    Daniel Lacalle

    18 de mayo de 2018

    Lacalle believes that central banks are currently repeating the same mistake that led to the last crisis, creating the next bubble through the ongoing purchase of government debt (now at around $20 trillion)..

  • Brexit is Britain’s gift to the world

    Simon Kuper, Financial Times

    22 de septiembre de 2017

    The UK is now experimenting on itself for the benefit of humanity..

  • Is the Spanish job creation model fragile? The case of tourism


    23 de junio de 2017

    Since the tourism sector, marked by its seasonal characteristics, is a motor for the Spanish economy, it is no coincidence that more temporary contracts are signed than indefinite ones in terms of job creation. ..

  • Euro vs US Dollar. Time to sell?

    Daniel Lacalle

    8 de mayo de 2017

    After the French elections, the euphoria over the euro/dollar exchange rate is more than likely to dissipate. The revaluation of the European currency has been supported by consecutive political catalysts, which have supported the Eurozone project, and the trade surplus supports the euro versus the main currencies with which it trades...

  • Is the EU growing or getting fat?

    Daniel Lacalle

    1 de mayo de 2017

    By maintaining the imbalances of the decade of excess we are missing the opportunity to prepare for the future...

  • Skill Mismatch: The New Challenge for Spain

    Filip Norén

    27 de abril de 2017

    As the Spanish economy recovers, rethinking education reform should be a top priority. Spanish workers are Europe’s most overqualified, but also suffer from the greatest skill mismatch, lacking the skills necessary for their jobs...

  • Corruption in Spain: perceptions versus reality

    Filip Norén

    27 de abril de 2017

    When asked to name the most corrupt places on Earth, it is likely that your first thought is ‘Latin America’ in general, possibly eclipsed by some African countries. The real surprise is that countries we tend to think of as established democracies rank poorly for corruption. Spain ranks an alarming 41st in Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), alongside the likes of Georgia, Costa Rica, and Brunei..

  • EU at 60. Much to do

    Daniel Lacalle

    24 de marzo de 2017

    It is very dangerous that a European Union, which has unquestionable advantages and must become a global power of growth and prosperity, puts obstacles and expels citizens and companies just to perpetuate a bureaucratic monster...