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  • Skill Mismatch: The New Challenge for Spain

    Filip Norén

    27 de abril de 2017

    As the Spanish economy recovers, rethinking education reform should be a top priority. Spanish workers are Europe’s most overqualified, but also suffer from the greatest skill mismatch, lacking the skills necessary for their jobs...

  • Corruption in Spain: perceptions versus reality

    Filip Norén

    27 de abril de 2017

    When asked to name the most corrupt places on Earth, it is likely that your first thought is ‘Latin America’ in general, possibly eclipsed by some African countries. The real surprise is that countries we tend to think of as established democracies rank poorly for corruption. Spain ranks an alarming 41st in Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), alongside the likes of Georgia, Costa Rica, and Brunei..

  • EU at 60. Much to do

    Daniel Lacalle

    24 de marzo de 2017

    It is very dangerous that a European Union, which has unquestionable advantages and must become a global power of growth and prosperity, puts obstacles and expels citizens and companies just to perpetuate a bureaucratic monster...

  • The EU should support tech giants, not attack them

    Daniel Lacalle

    22 de marzo de 2017

    The position of the European Union (Brussels) and some economic commentators on technology multinationals should not surprise us. However, it is totally wrong. It is a short-sighted view, oriented from an incorrect fiscal point of view, and it hides a bigger problem. Europe has lost the technology and innovation race, and it will not recover its position with fiscal repression...

  • Europe, success or failure?

    Francisco Cabrillo

    21 de marzo de 2017

    The European Union is certainly going through a tough time. In the wake of the economic crisis, Brexit, and a series of internal problems, the number of critics of the project has surged while Europe is rethinking its future...

  • Are You Prepared For The End Of The Bond Bubble?

    Daniel Lacalle

    20 de marzo de 2017

    The biggest bubble in financial history is about to end. With rate hikes, a stronger dollar and the return of inflation, bond inflows are normalizing, sell-off in negative yield fixed income continues, and real rates increase despite central planners’ financial repression...

  • Regulation Does Not Prevent Crises. Here Is Why

    Daniel Lacalle

    18 de marzo de 2017

    If tens of thousands of pages of regulation could prevent crises, these would not exist...

  • The Tax Punishment of Spanish Families


    15 de marzo de 2017

    With the ageing of its population, new energy has been given to the Spanish debate on how to boost birth rates through public policy. Taxes play an important role since a greater tax burden reduces the disposable income of households, which in turn affects the financial viability of families. ..

  • The Economic Miracle of Madrid. Executive Summary

    José María Rotellar

    1 de marzo de 2017

    From an absolutely liberal perspective—a classic or European liberalism, not the liberalism of a social democratic tendency as is understood in places like the US— president Aguirre was going to completely revolutionize Madrid, transforming the region into the true economic motor of Spain. ..