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"Sería injusto e imprudente privar a un hombre de su libertad natural sobre la suposición de que pudiese abusar de ella", Oliver Cromwell.

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Publications in English

  • Intelligent choices in the present economy: embracing robotization and Artificial Intelligence

    Filip Norén

    24 de febrero de 2017

    This article sets out the dilemma whether the Artificial Intelligence wave will mimic this historical trend and unleash productivity, creating faster economic growth, or whether we will see spiking technological unemployment and wages that drop in parallel with the relative efficiency of human labor. ..

  • Nanny State Index

    Institute of Economic Affairs

    22 de febrero de 2017

    The “Nanny State Index” is designed to give a detailed breakdown on a range of restrictions across Europe governing the taxation, marketing and outright prohibition of smoking, drinking, vaping and consuming what are deemed to be unhealthy products. ..

  • A Peronist on the Potomac

    The Economist

    21 de febrero de 2017

    Donald Trump through Latin American eyes..

  • George Bernard Shaw and Creeping Socialism

    Pedro Schwartz

    17 de febrero de 2017

    Creeping socialism is a species of soft collectivism that was born at the end of the 19th century, lay half dormant during the interwar years, flowered under the guise of the welfare state and social democracy after World War II, and is now rampant in the 21st century...

  • The Solution to the Spanish Pension System

    Julio Pomés

    9 de enero de 2017

    Public pensions are going to be hard to sustain in the future, so this report propose an alternative: a progressive adoption of a system that capitalizes retirement pensions...

  • A Spanish train unites Moscow and Berlin

    Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros

    17 de diciembre de 2016

    The global leadership of Spanish engineering and construction firms is indisputable. Present in 90 countries on five continents, with a portfolio worth 74,000 million euros, these companies have great prestige thanks to their experience in the design, execution and operation of complex infrastructure projects. They constitute one of the most important aspects of the Spanish national brand and project an image of innovation and modernity...

  • For a True Pension Reform

    José Piñera

    3 de octubre de 2016

    Over the past three decades, Piñera has traveled the world promoting structural reforms of the pension system. The alternative to the pay as you go model, which is proving to unsustainable, encompasses the introduction of a fully funded system based on savings. Under Piñera’s model, each worker contributes 10 per cent of his salary to a fund of their own ownership, in which your savings will grow for decades thanks to the magic of compound interest. Therefore, each worker becomes an owner of capital and is able to plan for retirement, choosing at what age he will stop working and choosing between conservative or risky financial products, according to his own criteria...

  • Tax Freedom Day in Spain 2016

    Javier Santacruz

    5 de junio de 2016

    If we consider the "tax wedge" (social security contributions and income tax) but also include VAT and other taxes, our research finds that the average Spanish taxpayer needs 180 days of his salary to pay all of his taxes. By groups of age, Tax Freedom Day ranges from June 1 to July 5. ..