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Is the Spanish job creation model fragile? The case of tourism

23 de junio de 2017

Since the tourism sector, marked by its seasonal characteristics, is a motor for the Spanish economy, it is no coincidence that more temporary contracts are signed than indefinite ones in terms of job creation.

The situation on the Spanish labor market is being debated by specialists and policy makers with respect to two central questions: on the one hand, the type of employment that is being generated following the crisis and, on the other hand, the medium-to-long term sustainability of this job creation.

In terms of the jobs created, the principle characteristics of the current labor market identified by many analysts are the prevalence of temporary employment, poor productivity, and low salaries. However, there is evidence that calls into question this description of the labor market and encourages deeper study. The present paradigm does not generally qualify as ’precarious’ since there are different underlying realities that indicate that added value is being generated in the most dynamic areas of the economy. The contribution of the tourism industry (alongside large corporations) as a motor for Spanish economic growth is crucial in the evolution of the factor of work and in the progressive reduction of unemployment.  

This working paper intends to shed light on the evolution of the Spanish labor market, its fundamental determinants, and the effects of productivity for the tourism sector, highlighting models in regions where this sector experiences strong growth. In the first chapter, we analyze what types of contracts were agreed in the first quarter of 2017 in our country, including what the working hours were, categorizing according to sector. In the second chapter, we emphasize the tourism sector. In the third chapter, we introduce the hotel industry within the tourism sector for our economy. In the fourth chapter, we analyze labor productivity in the regions of the Balearic Islands and Aragon before concluding in chapter five. 


To read the paper, click here.

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